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Cannot open filemaker 6 from workstations

Question asked by ScottBailey on Apr 8, 2011
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Cannot open filemaker 6 from workstations

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Just moved data from old server to new server.  Can open database from server.  Shared it out. Checked permissions.  Try to open using hosts and nothing comes up.  If I connect the old server, the hosts pop up.  I have it separated at the moment.  What to to?   A little more info.  The passwords are set.  Checked Multi user.  Tried checking and unchecking Local Data Access Companion.  Also tried on the workstation to add a host using the IP Address.

This might be the answer, but I realized that my old server has a service installed called file maker service.  This did not install on the new server.  Cannot find where to install it if it is even needed.  Is there a "server" edition of filemaker pro that I need to install or is it able to share the database from the first computer that opens the file?