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cannot schedule  script in FileMaker server 11

Question asked by AndrewTennenbaum on May 24, 2012


cannot schedule  script in FileMaker server 11

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We were running FileMaker 11 on Windows server 2008. The scripts in data/scripts would not show up when we tried to add them in the admin console.


We reinstalled FileMaker and as of May 22 we were able to schedule scripts. Something happened between then and now because, although noone changed any settings on the server, when we tried to schedule another script today using the admin console, the scripts were not showing up again. Furthermore we found that we were unable to duplicate or delete any of the tasks we had already scheduled.


This seems like a bug. I was wondering if anyone else had ever encountered it or if there is a workaround, Alternately perhaps it's not a bug and were just doing something wrong


I would really prefer to avoid reinstalling FileMaker again. Any advice?