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Cannot upload database

Question asked by MurrayN on May 10, 2010
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Cannot upload database

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I'm fairly new to filemaker server but no stranger to databases in general. I'm using Windows server 2008R2, Filemaker server 10. I have a new virtual server just been set up for me by a colleauge. It has one database on it. I am trying to upload another database through the admin console. I get the following error...

"One or more of your destination folders does not have enough space for the specified upload or it does not exist."

There is plenty of space (over 90gb), and the folders exist. I'm using a domain administrator account, and even opening up the destination folders to allow full access to everyone doesn't make a difference, so I'm pretty certain it's not a permissions problem.

Now, I have been told by a certified filemaker trainer that you should always use the "upload" or "remove" commands to add and remove databases, and NOT cut and paste. I know for a fact that my colleague used the cut and paste method when he installed the first database. I would like to do things the right way, but can't get past this error.

My question is two-fold...

1. What could be causing the error stopping me from uploading?

2. If it works, is the cut and paste method really so terrible?


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.