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Cant connect to local server

Question asked by ambritrome on Feb 3, 2010
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Cant connect to local server

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We host a large number of databases to be accessed via Instant Web Publishing through our intranet server. Last week, everything was running normally until we had a power failure which cut off our server. 

When I tried to access the db's through IWB I noticed that Filemaker Server had not started up, so I started it manually. It asked me if  I wanted to connect to the server so I cliked yes, and re-opened all the databases.

Today though, as I try to access the databases, I notice AGAIN that the server version is not running and when I try to connect , it doesn't work!!!


Please help ! 


Filemaker Sever v8.04

Mac OSX Server 10.4.11 


Error Message: Connection Failure.