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Cant see all SQL records!

Question asked by benauerbach on Nov 6, 2011
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Cant see all SQL records!

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I am having trouble seeing all records from a external SQL table (running Filemaker Server 11 - news update).


If I am switching to the table view of the external SQL table I am only able to see a fraction of the records in this table. For example, if there are 100 records, as soon as I access the table I will be able to see 30 records. When I refresh the window I will be only able to see 6 records. While the window is being refreshed I can see he is sorting/finding more records, but when the refreshing process is finished 6 records will be shown. Before I was running the database on FileMaker 11 (not on the filmmaker server) where this didn't occur. 


I was thinking that this could be an issue of the open source SQL driver from actual technologies that I am using?


I am able to write records on the SQL table but if I want to delete all records it is not possible. Also searching through the records is not possible.


If I could get any advise, or hint I would be very thankful.


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