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Cant Share File

Question asked by jetmaster on Jan 26, 2011
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Cant Share File

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i am trying to follow Module 13 (Filemaker Go) from the FM Training Series; example 13.1.2 (pages 13-8, 9).

I opened the file 13a_Bonsai.fp7 on my desktop and tried to share that file using File>Sharing>Filemaker Network. I turned on network sharing and set it to "all users". But when I click OK I get a en error message (see screenshot below). When I then open the host in FM GO on iPhone the file is of course is not there. The only files that ARE there are ones I put on FM Server when doing earlier web publishing exercises in the training series...

How can I get to share the file in question?

NOTE: This is a single user situation. There is only one computer/user here.