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    Cert updates for FMP9 and FMS9



      Cert updates for FMP9 and FMS9

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      The Mac download area has two SSL-related updates: FMP 9 SSL update

      FMS9 SSL update. I assume the PC side has similar ones.


      But it's vague as to how they interact. I have appled the FMP one to new installations, as they will not connect otherwise. I've not applied the FMS one because of the fear such might lock out the non-updated clients.


      They do not appear on the update prompt in FMP so I'm guessing they are "apply as needed"  flavor.


      Enlightenment sought.



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          Hi superblock,

          Thanks for posting.


          No need to worry as the Server SSL update will not lock out the non-updated clients.  The SSL updates were created in response to the issue of new installations of FileMaker Pro unable to see hosted FileMaker Server databases due to invalid SSL certificate end dates (SSL needs to be configured for FileMaker Server to experience this issue).

          Older installations were still able to see the databases without any issue and this continued to be the case pre/post Server SSL update.


          This Server SSL update also included a fix for Mac 10.5 and Java 6 users who were unable to launch the Admin Console.

          Here is the link to the downloads page for anyone who has not updated and needs to:



          I always recommend to customers that they upgrade to the latest version of FileMaker, but if everything is working now where your FileMaker Pro clients can see the hosted databases then you should be ok.




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