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Change language (dates)

Question asked by HusseinAbdrabbo on Dec 9, 2010
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Change language (dates)

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Hi all,

I've browsed the forum, and I didn't find the information I'm looking for.

I have a problem, i've installed the FileMaker Advanced Server 11 V2 in English and we have users that are very happy with it. One client wants a filemaker file with the dates translated in French. The dates have to be in French in the reports, "8 août 2010" instead of "August 8th, 2010".

I'm running the service over Windows Server Standard 2003 64 R2, English. i've tried to changed the regional parameters in control panel to French. But still, it stays in English.

The creation of the file as been made on a French version of Filemaker Pro. And it still displays everything in English when I move the file to the server.

Is it possible to do it? If so, how? 

Do I have to install a French server for that?

Thanks everyone.