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Changing filemaker server 9 database location

Question asked by jtcdesigns on Jan 8, 2009
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Changing filemaker server 9 database location

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I have heard in previous versions of filemaker that you had to install the database on a seperate drive or location than the server was installed but now its all together by default. I was wondering if I can change where the original database lives. I went into the admin console and I noticed you can make a copy of the database to another location but you cant just move it to another drive and have that be the only database its reading from. Also Is there a way to set where your log files are being saved? I saw no option for this or even a setting for logs Right now its about 5 or 6MB per log per day. I think this is rather rediculous because our database is only 391MB and our logs were upwards of 2.3GB. Any help would be appreciated, I've used other database programs that seem much more straight forward with this... maybe filemaker just doesn't let me do this.