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    Changing the server temp files location



      Changing the server temp files location

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      Just a quick question: is it possible to change the directory where Filemaker Server 9 keeps its temp files? My server is hosted in a VM with a small boot/apps partition, and I am running into space problems that cause recently-entered data to be flushed from databases or databases to be closed abruptly.


      Thanks for any advice you can give. I've done some searching on the subject, but so far have only turned up information about client-side temp directories.


      (Edit: should have clarified, this is a Windows 2003 Server)

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          Thank you for your post.


          At this time, the temp folder is in a fixed location and cannot be moved.



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            Thanks for the reply! I'm afraid I haven't been very successful searching for information about the server temp directory on the filemaker.com knowledge base, so any help you can lend is greatly appreciated.


            Can you clarify something for me? Does FMS9 on Windows use the default Windows temp folder, or does it use a separately-specified temp folder? If it's the latter, does that folder reside within the Filemaker Server program directory?


            The reason I ask is that I don't have access to the boot/programs partition of the server VM, and I need to be able to give fix instructions to the people who maintain it. If FMS9 uses the Windows temp folder, I can have them change that to a folder in the large data partition, and if FMS9 uses a temp folder within its program files folder, I can ask them to re-install the server files into my data partition.


            Thank you for your help,