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Check my setup

Question asked by Epa on Oct 5, 2012


Check my setup

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     Can someone critique my deployment please?

     -Mac Mini server 750gb x 2 HDD, 8GB RAM

-I configured OS X Server to allow for VNC and SSH and Remote management, should I need to service it from a remote location.  

           - I also set a screensaver for 1 minute with "password required" when waking/screensaver for security in case someone             forgets to log out.  

            -I set sleep to NEVER and unchecked the box for "put hard disks to sleep when possible"

            -I checked the box to "start up automatically after a power failure" and unchecked "allow power button to put computer to sleep"

     -FM Server is set up using SSL, autostart, email notifications for errors

            -I disabled "allow FM to check for updates"

            -Set a backup schedule: Hourly 9am-6pm; Daily at 12am (30 copies), Weekly on sunday 4am (52 copies).  I will duplicate each backup schedule so that a copy is created on the main HDD and the second HDD of the Mac Mini.  Progressive backup is enabled.  

            -I'm looking to install Carbon Copy Cloner and backup each night to an external 2.5" disk (I'm using this more for the bootable backup feature in the event of a hard drive failure), so I can keep the swerver running.

             -Looking to also install Crashplan.  I will set it to backup ONLY the backup files that FMS creates.  I will backup to the cloud around 5am daily, and also backup to a remote computer.  This remote computer will have a copy of FMS on it in the event a catastrophe occurs and I need to use the remote computer as a server.  


     Am I missing anything?  Thanks!