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Chunks of data lost

Question asked by KevinHolloway on Aug 9, 2010
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Chunks of data lost

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I work for a research laboratory. We have about 5 copies of File Maker Pro 8 and 9 and are running File Maker Server 9 update 3. We have had a few occasions where data just disappeared, or failed to back up to the server. Most recently, we had a very large chunk of data that was entered manually all on the same day by two people. Next time someone tried to access the data, it was all missing. Our network administrator noticed that in his "server view" some of the databases appeared more than once, though each has only one file.

Is it possible that this data loss is a result of people accessing the database via conflicting file paths?

Have other users experienced data loss of this kind?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Kevin Holloway

Brain Development Lab

University of Oregon