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    Circle icons on FM Server



      Circle icons on FM Server

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           I have one database in my server list with a half circle icon under the IWP column instead of a full circle. 

           This particular database started malfunctioning (database not available message when trying to access via IWP) last week and I haven't been able to find exactly what a half circle means (even when checking the FM server manual) to see if this will give me an indication of the problem.  Thanks!

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               Thank you for the post.


               The "half circle icon" in the FileMaker Server 12 (Advanced) Admin Console is to indicate the database will not display the file name on the Instant Web Publishing home page.


               To change the file option for displaying on the Instant Web Publishing home page:


               1. Open the database locally with FileMaker Pro. 

               2. Click>File>Sharing>Instant Web Publishing 

               3. Uncheck/Check the box for "Don't display in Instant Web Publishing home page."  


               For more information see page 30 of the FileMaker Pro 12 Instant Web Publishing Guide.



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                 Thanks so much!  I don't want this database to display in the IWP homepage, but didn't know that was what the half-circle icon meant in the server console. 

                 I did check page 30 of the IWP guide as suggested and couldn't find anything about circle/half-circle icons.  It would be great if this information were added to the server manual.