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clarification for new setup ... opinions?

Question asked by LanceCouri on Sep 19, 2013
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clarification for new setup ... opinions?

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     I am trying to set up a FMP based CRM for mobile salespeople ... I'm thinking that I would design in FMP, load to FMP server Adv. and have the salespeople (20-30) use an ipad app (filemaker go) to update their customer contacts, etc. 

     I believe that I need to purchase only the FMP and FMP Server Adv. - I won't need a license for each salesperson  (Only one admin will be accessing the database.  Would this work?

     And if I have multiple product programs e.g one program sells only widgets and another sells only thingamajigs (each with a separate database accessed by separate teams of salespeople -no cross over) would I need an additional install of FMP Server Adv. or can one install handle the multiple users for separate sales projects?

     I appreciate your help towards clarifying,