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       I have filemaker pro 11.  We got new computers, and when we tranferred all of the files, the "client name" field no longer fills in.  All of the fields transferred.  How do I get the client name field to 'fill in'?  FYI, we installed Windows 7, too, if that makes a difference.

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          You'd need to tell us a lot more about your database--the tables, the relationships and the layout design will all be needed.

          The only thing moving files changes are the physical location of the file, unless a file was omitted during the move or a file's name was changed. These can create problems if you have an external data source reference that can no longer work due to the change in location or file name. (Most references will still work if relative path references were used and the relative paths are kept unchanged.)

          Normally, though, external data source issues trigger a error message where fileMaker tells you it can't find the file. Have you seen any such messages appear?

          External data source references can be reviewed and update in Manage | External data sources.