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Client/Server Seeing the files problem

Question asked by rcrispin on Jun 26, 2011
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Client/Server Seeing the files problem

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Set up
Router: D-Lnk wireless router with a 5 port ethernet switch attached
Server: New MacMini running 10.6 and FMS 11.0v3 serving 2 files connected to ethernet swtich
Clients: 8 colored iBooks (who says 12 yr old computers are no good) running 10.3 and FM 8
    2 white iBooks running 10.4 and FM8
    1 PowerBook running 10.5 and FM9
    1 original MacMini running 10.5 and FM 9 (used for receipt printing with Troi Serial plugin)

The Problem
Any of the these computers when set up to run using DHCP on the wireless network see the server and can launch and use the served files. When I hard wire the address or plug them into the ethernet switch they either do not see the server at all or they see the server But don't recognize there are files being served.

What I have done
I made sure the firewalls were all off. I made sure the permissions and owner of the server files were correct. Tried using "Use DHCP with a Manual Address" on the clients. Reinstalled the server(twice) and client software.
None of this has helped. Not sure what to do next.