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    client/server solution



      client/server solution

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      I would like to create a database that will become my project/task management system. We have FM Server on our enterprise, so I could place the file on the server so we could use the solution for workgroup collaboration. I do not really want to be a slave to VPN out of the office, so I am wondering if there is a way to sync a local database file with the server database file. That would enable me to work on my tasks from my laptop and they sync to the server when I was back in the office. Can someone tell me if this is possible?

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          FileMaker Pro will not sync.  There are several reasons for this....


          If you make changes to your local file and the server makes changes, which version should be updated?  What if both have relevant updated but differing data?  What if your change has been overwritten?  You will still need to determine which record is the most up-to-date and/or correct.



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            Hi stevaroni - Sorry to hijack this thread... the data in question - are u the only one who accesses it or is it shared across the network in a multi-user fashion?


            If it is just you wanting to use that file - can you try just copy the file to a USB stick and then take that home - work on it and the re-upload it the next day?


            Just a thought - sorry for the intrusion.