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    Clients can't see my server databases



      Clients can't see my server databases

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           I am hoping this is just something simple I missed.  Yesterday I installed FM Server 13 on a dedicated server box in our data room.  It has an assigned ip address of (example).  When I go back to my desktop and start up my FM Advanced 13, it can "see" the server, but I can't upload to Filemaker server - I log on in the upload to FM server dialog with my server credentials, but when I try to link up I just get the hourglass for a while and then "connection failed".

           I thought I would go another route, so I copied my database into the FM server database folder:

           filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases/

           I can now see the database under Activity/Databases in FM Server on the server box, but again, when I try to "Open Remote" from my desktop, I see the server but there are no databases listed.  I have tried this from two different client machines.  Any help?  This is running on a Windows 7 box.


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               Check the Activity, Databases, GO/PRO column, do you see a solid black dot or half black/half white dot?

               Because if it is not solid black dot, then your database is hidden and you have to type in the database name to open it in your client.

               Ex: Open Remote     fmnet://


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                 It is fixed.  Here's what I did, and I don't know which fixed it or if it required both.  I went into the Firewall Control Panel and added both an incoming and outgoing rule to allow all ports access.  Then I rebooted the machine and suddenly I could see the databases.  So I may have only needed to reboot, but I'm happy whatever.  Thanks for posting your response.


                 Dan Simonson