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Clients keep disconnecting from FM 12 server

Question asked by NathanVeitch on Oct 14, 2014


Clients keep disconnecting from FM 12 server

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Hi there,

We are having an issue with FM 12 Pro windows clients being disconnected from the FM 12 Server. This is only happening on the windows clients. Those on Mac are not experiencing this issue. I busy trying out what I have seen on the forums, but if someone can give me some more troubleshooting tips that would be great cause I need to sort out this issue. 

We have replaced a few of the network points and switches yet those connected to the new points still get disconnected. The real pain is that there seems to be no pattern to it. One user might get disconnected a few times the one day and then not have a disconnect for a few days. Other users sometimes get disconnected once or twice in the day but at different times. 

The server is a 2003 windows server and all it runs is FM Server 12, Cobian backup and Panda AV. We do have an install of FM Pro 12 on there to run certain procedures. I am busy running the program today on the server as TSFalcon recommended in the post,, and hopefully I can get some form of result.