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    Clients listed twice with duplicate Databases



      Clients listed twice with duplicate Databases

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      I am running FMS 10 with generally less than a dozen Clients connected, each running FMP 9, 10, or 11; and all running Mac OS X v.10.x (except one on Windows XP). Each Client usually has 18 databases open - 5 for regular use and 13 as hidden lookup files. This setup has slowly evolved over several years, so there is obviously some collateral code lingering around that is either untouched or slows things down unnecessarily.


      That said, my issue is with most of my Clients showing up in the FMS Administration screen twice - once with all the open databases listed, and once with duplicates of a few of those databases. Which databases are duplicated appears to be related to which ones each Client uses frequently.


      The problem it creates is that I run out of licenses. I am licensed for 15 FMP Clients and it only takes 8 Clients logged in to exceed that number when they are doubled up. For some reason this has only become an issue since we started trying to convert to FMP 11. I can't open our databases at all with my single license of FMPA 11 since it creates a second instance of me as a Client through routine use.


      I can make the problem happen by starting up FMP and running the script that open all of our databases. One database immediately appears duplicated under a second instance of my Client entry in FMS. On my local computer, the duplicated database now shows up under Show Window with the database name in parentheses and no Server name shown (instead of seeing it listed by it's name with the Server name in parentheses, as is normally the case). When I try to select the hidden duplicated database under Show Window, it flashes on the screen and disappears. Then a second instance of the database appears - but in the format of <database name>(Server)-1. Then, when I attempt to view either instance of the duplicated database, they each appear normally.


      Further, creating a new record in our primary database (the one with most of the Relationships to the hidden databases) results in a duplicated database in FMS; as does simply entering data in that database (triggering a lookup in one of the hidden databases).


      Something else that has cropped up recently has to do with scripts that are set up to take data from a record in one database and create a new record in another database with that data. This has worked flawlessly until recently. Now, it results in a second instance of the target database opening (as if New Window were selected) and the new record with the transferred data appears there. This happens regularly now with one of the Mac's running FMP 10, as well as others.


      I realize this is a lot of information, but I believe it is all somehow related. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And more details can be provided, if necessary. Unfortunately, the ideal scenario of taking the whole system down and rebuilding it from the ground up is not possible - as it would require shutting down our business for the duration.

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          Not sure what you are dealing with here, but let's eliminate some possibly obivous issues first:


          How are your clients connecting to the hosted files?

          Are your users (or the scripts that they trigger) using open remote to open the files like they should?

          (The filename for the hidden windows that don't include a server name suggest this may be an issue here.)

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            Sorry Phil,


            I didn't realize you'd responded so quickly. Apparently, I wasn't subscribed to my own topic.


            I got a solution over at FMForums. The issue was with the external data sources listed in each database. I have several clients on the same network as the FMS host computer. But I also have several clients that log in remotely. Everyone use a "launcher" database with a single script in it which uses Open File commands to access all databases. While the local clients can access all databases using local (192. ...) external data source paths, the remote clients need IP address or server domain name paths in theirs.


            That's where I made my mistake. I was trying to resolve the FMPA 11 issue mentioned above and changed all external data sources to IP addresses, when I should have left them all in the "file:filename" format - except for on the launcher databases, of course.


            All the issues described appear to have been resolved. Now I just have to determine if I need my clients to have all databases open - including the hidden lookup databases which the clients don't need to see, but the databases they do use need to access when doing lookups. Or, if I should just have my clients load only the databases they use - letting those databases access the lookup databases locally as needed.

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              I suspected External Data Source issues also.


              I have a multi-file, multi-server system going here where I work. I haven't found any need to open all files in advance like I used to with some older versions. Filemaker does a pretty good job of opening them on an "as needed" basis. Of course, all my files are set up with the same account names and passwords, so this happens seamlessly without filemaker popping up a request for a password.