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    Clients not appearing in Admin Console



      Clients not appearing in Admin Console

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      There's a number of threads on this topic but I couldn't find an answer.


      Usually after a machine restart Admin Console displays the correct number of connected clients and opened databases.  After a while connections don't show, or hang around after they've disconnected.


      I've checked the Java version and that the necessary ports are open (telnet correctly displays blank screen for ports 16000, 16001, 16012, 16016, 16018).


      Also if I select Stop Database Server I receive 'Error encountered trying to shutdown Database Server.' 


      Anything else?




      Admin Console under Windows Server 2003, Java 6 update 7. 

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          Any update on this? I am experiencing the same behavior. I have four FMP servers, three of which I've upgraded to ver10. All three have the following stats: Admin Console, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Java 6 update 7.


          Only one of the servers has this issue, the other two are fine. I don't want to upgrade the final server until this issue gets resolved. Our company does have a support contract and I plan on having our system analyst log a support incident for this also.

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            barefootguru and Olias:


            Thank you for your posts.


            This has been one of those problems that we know exist, but we have been unable to duplicate in house.  Actually, the only way we have been able to reproduce this is when a user locked up his computer and forced a reboot.  FileMaker Server would show this customer still logged on.


            Olias - I know two of your servers are fine, so if you can help investigate what is different between the two servers and let us know, it may help us narrow down the possibilities.  Since you have a support contract, please get this logged and report back here if a solution is reached.



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                 I'll keep the forum posted on any developments. The server experiencing the behavior is a virtual machine, so I may even be able to send a copy of it to support to troubleshoot. The only other difference that I can see is that the good servers are dual processors and the faulty one has a virtual single processor.
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                In my case this seems to have been caused by FileMaker Server running low on memory.  The machine was underspec'd (500 Megs RAM) and now we've upgraded to 2 Gigs the display of active connections has been accurate.


                It is a concern there's no warning message about low memory--what happens if Server runs low on memory on a well spec'd machine?  Will things start falling apart for no apparent reason then too?


                Some of the low-memory symptoms:


                - Hourly backups would stop being created after around a day's uptime

                - Display of connections per this thread

                - Inability to edit schedules

                - Slow response in Server's GUI 

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                  Since other people are reporting this problem, and assuming they have "well spec'd" machines, then the symptoms you encountered may very well take place again after a longer period of time.  Again, we are aware there is a problem in this area, but we cannot find the cause at this time.


                  Please keep us updated if you run into any further difficulties. 



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                       TSgal, please keep us informed of any ways we can help run this down. I happen to have two servers running FMS 10. One is installed on Windows Server 2003 and one on Windows Server 2008. Both (knock on wood), appear not to have this issue. If there were some way to compare the systems that fail to the ones that don't, perhaps we could find a common denominator for closer investigation?