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Clone Database File Without Records via FMS11

Question asked by BillCurran on Jan 3, 2013
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Clone Database File Without Records via FMS11

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     I'm in a bit of a pickle and can't seem to find the best question/answer here that fits my problem. I'm using FileMakerPro 11 and FMS11 on Mac OS X 10.6. 

     Our server hosts one "main" database file (NAMES) and a few related "sub" database files we create each year to track a specific competition we run, i.e. FILMS 2011, FILMS 2012, etc. Again, all are hosted through our FMS11. 

     What I need to do is create FILMS 2013. In essence: create a clone of FILMS 2012, with none of the records, living on the same server as NAMES, FILMS 2012, FILMS 2011, et. al. 

     My problem/question: since they are hosted on FMS11, I can't open the source file and perform the "Save a Copy As..." Clone function. An error message is telling me I need to open the source file on the network.

     I feel that this should be very simple, but I'm hitting a wall. I feel as if I'm missing an obvious step.

     I've also been doing research and feel I could maybe do the Clone from a scheduled back-up, but I'm slightly confused by that process.

     My tech (and FM) literacy is slightly above average, so any help would be greatly appreciated! A former employee of ours handled this and, unfortunately, I am unable to go to them for the quick answer!