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Clone Server with FMServer running?

Question asked by AjEGfmTech on Jun 5, 2014
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Clone Server with FMServer running?

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     I very recently got our first FileMaker Server (13) setup on our MacMini server. My typical procedure is to clone the OS drive of the MacMini using CarbonCopyCloner. I'm a bit concerned about how to best go about that with FileMaker Server running. Common sense would tell me that all of the databases on FMServer should at least be paused before starting the clone job. Maybe they need to even be closed? Maybe the FMServer services need to be turned off?

     Whichever is the case, since I have the clone job scheduled for the middle of the night, it would be nice if I could schedule FMServer to pause/close/turn off what it needs to in the middle of the night as well. is there any way to do this?

     I've been reading the FMServer 13 documentation and searching the web, but have not found any definitive answers. Any help/guidance would be appreciated.