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    Cloud Backup possibilities?



      Cloud Backup possibilities?

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      MacPro OS 10.6.3 running Filemaker Pro/Server 11

      I am trying to figure out the best way to backup my database remotely.  Currently, I backup our database 2 harddrives hourly but I'd like to keep a copy offsite in case fire or other catatrophe.  Can I use something like Carbonite?  Are there other ways to do this?  Ideally, I'd like to backup the whole hard drive in case of failure. 

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          We highly recommend against allowing third party backup applications to touch live databases as this may cause corruption or other unexpected behavior. You can still use one, just allow FileMaker Server to perform it's backups via the backup schedules within the admin console and then point your third party backup application to the resulting FileMaker Server backups.

          Unfortunately, I don't have any recommendations as far as what specific application to use for offsite backups. Hopefully one of our other forum members can offer some insight on that.


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            Regardless of which software you select for this, look out for this gotcha: Filemaker generates a new folder with the current date and time as its folder name for each new back up copy. Unless your 3rd party back up software can somehow compute this folder name that will change for every back up, you may need to bridge the gap with a system script that can compute the name of the current back up folder and then either copy it to a folder whose name does not change or which renames this current folder to a consistent name so that the back up software can find the file to back it up. This system script can be set to run from a server schedule if it does not reference an external drive. If it does reference an external drive, you can use a system level scheduler to run it a safe interval later than the FileMaker back up schedule.

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              Thanks.. that's all good to know.  I assumed that because I send my backups to a secondary hard drive, I could simply backup that whole drive to capture everything so long as I do it at a time when no other backups are being done?

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                     Check out 360Works' SafetyNet product.

                     - John May