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    Complete FM12 Noob



      Complete FM12 Noob

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           I set up FMS12 on a test server. I have FMP12 installed on a client. I have a FM test database set up on another server. I copied the database into my test server. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to create an user so I can access the database from the test server.

           Does anyone have any suggestions in plain English? Again, I have never used FM before today.

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          Jason Wood

               Setting up accounts (users) and privileges is separate from accessing a hosted file and is not required.

               If you can open the file locally without supplying a user name & password, you can do the same thing on a hosted file.

               If the file is hosted by FileMaker Server, go to "Open Remote" on your client to open it.

               Later you can add accounts and privileges to increase security.