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Connect to FM Server with an iPad and Safari

Question asked by mac4ever on Jan 14, 2011
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Connect to FM Server with an iPad and Safari

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I'm not new to Filemaker but since I don't have any experience with FM and iPad, I like to take the chance to post some questions here.

I'm involved with a rather complex project, the rough layout of that project looks like this:

We like to use FM-Server as a Cash-System, the employees in the shops use iPads and Barcode-Scaners to enter the customer data and scan the products.

Our plan is to use the Web-Interface on the iPad.

So my questions are:

• Does the iPad work fine with the Web-Interface form FM-Server. 

• Is FM-Server the right choice. We will grow fast in the coming years, 50 employees this year and growing.

• How to overcome the limitation of 100 Web-Users?

Thanks for your help…