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    Connecting remotely to FMSERVER 13



      Connecting remotely to FMSERVER 13

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           I have a small lan (3 workstations) connected to fmserver 13. OS is win server 2008 R2 . It is working  without any problems. I would also like to connect to it remotely with a WAN connection. The IP address of the server is I know I have to forward a port on the router which is an Asus RT-N66U. This is a screen shot of my settings. However when I run a test to check if Port 5003 is open it fails.




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               I suspect your port range specification is excluding 5003, because the comma is a list delimiter, not a range delimiter. 

               Ports 5002 and 5004 are not required for FileMaker Pro to function anyway. Unless you have an unusual configuration, the only port you need should be 5003.

               I would suggest specifying simply 5003 for the port range and 5003 for the local port, and see if that works.

               Additionally, be sure to test the configuration from outside your network; routers often won't forward from inside to outside and back again, so connecting to the WAN IP address from inside your network will generally fail. Try this at home, in other words.

               Also, be sure you have the right WAN IP address. You can see what your "real" public IP address is by accessing http://checkip.dyndns.org/ while on your inside network. You should get something other than "192.168.1.xxx".

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                 I DID change it to 5003 and I know the outside ip Address (from whatsmyaddress). I have checked it from an outside location but still not reckgonizing it. I have tried it with the firewall on and off on the server.

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                   What method are you using to connect, and what happens when you try?

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                     Right now Im at the lan location so I can't check it from an outside source, but I was using Filemaker 13 advanced Open remote from a lap top. It just hangs I did not see the server name or any fm files.