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    Connecting to FM Server Advanced with VBA



      Connecting to FM Server Advanced with VBA

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      I am trying to connect to our Filemaker Advanced Server, (ver. 10) via ODBC and VBA.  Let me say that I am not a VBA guru, and have not used it in a while.


      I setup the client application, (RSView SE running on Windows XP, SP2) to connect to SQL Server as a test and it worked.


      I setup the DataDirect ODBC SequeLinc driver, (ver 5.5) to connect to FileMaker with a DSN and that works.  I am able to see the database and update records with a simple SQL Client, so I know that works.


      The error I am getting right now appears to be in the connection string.


      Here is the connection string I am building.  I will keep things simple and not post a bunch of code.


      ConnectionString = "Provider=DSNNAME;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName;User ID=USERID;password=PASSWORD"


      I then do an ADODB  open of the database with something like


      cn.Open ConnectionString


      The connection fails, and I am not sure how to figure out how it is failing.  My first suspision is that my connection string is incorrect?  I am not sure of the syntax.


      Has anyone connected to Filemaker Server with VB and ADO using a DSN with ODBC?


      Yikes! That's a lot of acronyms...   :smileysurprised: