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Connection Issues with FMS14/FMP14

Question asked by DanielPhillips on Jun 2, 2015


Connection Issues with FMS14/FMP14

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We have upgraded our organization onto FileMaker 14 Pro/Server from 13. Since the upgrade, FMP14 clients from our corporate HQ are getting error messages and can't connect to the database hosted in our datacenter. 

I've done tracert from their PC to the database server and there are no issues as far as routing goes. I double checked firewall policies to make sure nothing changed out of the blue and everything is looking fine there as well. The server is using the same server settings as far as ports, IP address, database name, etc. Nothing was changed except the version of FMS running on the machine. 

The error message they are receiving is a "(Filename) is damaged and cannot be opened." although the database is working perfectly fine for clients in the datacenter where the server is physically located. It seems to be hit or miss.

Some clients have not had an issue, but a majority of them have. What I found that fixes it for a short period (seemingly random) is completely removing the filemaker client from their machine using an uninstaller that scans the registry for leftover info, etc. and then removing the entire user profile and having it rebuild from scratch. Sometimes this will work but other times it will not and it's driving me insane. 

Is this a known issue or any reason this would occur? I am thinking of reverting the server back to v13 until this is figured out because it's causing a ton of headache. 


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It's also really weird because when adding the database to the launch center on one of the clients, it will pull the file icon of the database so it shows up in the launch center with an icon. It just won't connect, it goes to a coffee cup icon and eventually gives the damaged file error.