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    Console won't open



      Console won't open

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           I did a reboot and now the console won't open. It was working fine, no system changes.  Java 7 is installed and current.  Console won't open from desktop icon or from URL in IE or Chrome.  Help.

           Dave Gibson

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               No help yet, huh?  I called the help desk and they were not able to get the console up.  I reinstalled FM Server and it still doesn't work.  Is it possible I no longer have a required open port? Any help will be appreciated.

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                 David Gibson:

                 Thank you for the post.


                 Being able to launch the FileMaker Server Admin Console is a free topic through FileMaker's technical support, so please don't hesitate to call as we always want a user to be able to administer his/her server. 


                 If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, then contact technical support toll free at 1-800-325-2747. The hours are between 7 AM - 5 PM PDT. 


                 If you are located outside of North America, then locate the technical support office nearest you from the following link:



                 However, if you could provide the operating system being used, I can assist you as well. 


                 Has the Java cache been deleted? 


                 Detailed instructions on how can be found at the following URL: 



                 Are you able to access the FileMaker Server Start Page at http://<serverIP>:16000 through a web browser? 


                 To confirm if Java is working properly, open the following URL: 



                 If Java is not working properly, install the latest version from the same site. Otherwise, download a fresh copy of the Java applet from http://[serverIP]:16000 in a web browser from the FileMaker start page. If prompted, allow Java to run. 


                 Please let me know if any of the above steps were the resolution or require further clarification. 



                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                   Thanks for your input. I did try all of those things and contacted tech support twice.  Finally I did a remove and reinstall. That fixed it.  I hope it stays fixed. Thanks for trying.