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Constrain Found Set and FMS

Question asked by RobertH on Sep 23, 2014


Constrain Found Set and FMS

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I've encountered an issue with constraining a found set with our companies database on FileMakerServer v12.

I'm not sure what I'm missing but when I am connected via Advanced 13, perform a find on a set of related tables and then constrain the found set I am receiving a error stating no records were found. I know there are records there that match the constraint.

I experimented and copied our database from the FMS to a desktop and worked locally, the exact same find and constrain works.

I'm lost, there must be something I don't understand about the FMS and Client in regards to constraints. Can anyone please help.


Edit: I forgot to mention the constrain happens on an unstored calculation field, but again why would it work on a local copy vs the copy stored on the FMS.

Edit2: Same database on FMS13 works fine. Is this possibly a bug/issue with FMS12 ?