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    Container data not transferring to server



      Container data not transferring to server

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           I'm relatively new to FM and am hoping that someone can help me with the following problem.   I have a database hosted on FM Server.  One of the tables has a container field, in which I want to insert PDF files.  When I insert a pdf file, with the file reference box checked, I am able to see the file on the computer (connected to the server) that originally contained the PDF file.  However, when I attempt to view the record on a different client (for example my iPAD), the PDF does not show, and the the container field has the following message "The File cannot be found: nameoffile.pdf"  Why isn't the PDF showing, and how can I get it to appear?  Many Thanks!

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               I'm going to bump this. Still very green at this as well. Locally, the pdf files I put in container fields show. When I try to access them remotely, they don't show up. What is the best way to go about this?

               Edit: Clarifying a bit. This is for pdf files only. Even right clicking on the field only gives you the option to reload (which does nothing) and nothing else.

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                 If you are not using Filemaker 12 or using it and not set the file storage correctly, the path to a document will never be the same remotely as it is within the local network.  Something like "imagewin://Server/MyAccount/Desktop/Files/"file..jpg"  will have no meaning to a remote user.  If you are working on Filemaker 12 there are settings that set up remote storage of an file (as opposed to withing the container itself) but not yet updated to 12 I cannot say how well that works.

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                   I don't understand what you are trying to say here. Containers showing jpegs (for example) will show up on any machine remotely and you can save them to desktop if you wish. The issue are the preview of pdf files only and the ability to right click and export them to desktop if needed. I tried taking one of the templates from FM12 (starter solution). The same issue appears except that there is an export button over the container to save them, the container preview only shows white in the container box. Any other type of file does work remotely. What makes PDF files so different?