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Container Field's Name (FMS-11)

Question asked by fareynolds on Jan 16, 2015


Container Field's Name (FMS-11)

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We have a FileMaker database running on FileMaker Server 11 using Instant Web Publishing.  I am trying to demonstrate using the same database with PHP search pages, but the images in a Container Field do not display in the PHP 'recordlist' page.

I cannot open up the layouts and look at the database's fields because the current department head does not know the name and password of the database.

So I do not know for sure what the Container Field's name really is, but I think it is: thumbnail

Is there anyway of figuring out what the field's name really is?  When I use Safari's Web Inspector it seems to indicate that the field's name is: 2


Instant Web Publishing:

In the Portrait section: Click on the 'Simple' button

Type: Adanson

Click on the Search button


PHP Search Page:

In the 'portrait title' field type: Adanson