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container fields and quicktime

Question asked by zapdafish on Aug 12, 2009
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container fields and quicktime

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We are running Filemaker Server 10 Advanced and connecting to it from various machines running Filemaker Pro 10. We are running into problems with container fields and the quicktime references.


I have written a backend web interface that is using ODBC to insert/update the file references to quicktime movies in these container fields. When we do so, the people running Filemaker Pro 10 are no longer able to see the videos.


this is essentially the reference I am inserting. it is a share on the Filemaker Server itself.



If I manually insert the quicktime video and look at the file reference, they are identical. So I don't know why a reference added in via an odbc sql statement doesnt work. 


I read somewhere that somebody thinks that when inserted manually, Filemaker tags it somehow as a quicktime movie. If this is true,  I need to know how to do it via odbc. 


If there is no tag, anyone have any ideas?