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Container file locations on FMP Server Advanced 11

Question asked by robinboast on Apr 24, 2010
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Container file locations on FMP Server Advanced 11

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We are trialing a database on FMP Advanced Server 11 (trial version) to see about performance. We do not want to serve the database over the web, but we do want FMP users to be able to login remotely. The problem I am having is that this database has a large number of images stored as references in container fields. The references are stored as relative references (i.e. "Images/DAM Images/1924.123a.jpg"). This works fine on our local implementation, but I cannot find out where to put these image files on the server, or how to reference them.


I know that the solution must be ridiculously simple, but I simply cannot find any mention of where to put these files in the FMP documentation. Please help.