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Container image reference issue across system platforms

Question asked by Kobyashi on Sep 1, 2010
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Container image reference issue across system platforms

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Using FMS 10 Advanced, with users on both Mac FM and PC FM clients I have an issue with inserting references to images in container fields.

Someone is likely to produce a better way of doing this.

I have a table of tenants and a table of images. Users need to add images of a tenant to the image table and these images need to be stored on a server. Therefore the container will only contain a reference.

To facilitate this I have a container field named imageData and a global container field called ximageData. When users add an image a script imports it to the ximageData field and then export the data using a prefdefined file path and a newly calculated file name to a folder on a server. If successful a reference to the saved image file is inserted as a reference in to the imageData field and this is what is shown on a layout.

This while process works well except that the image reference is OS specific. That is to say, if the user is using a pc client then it inserts a reference of 'imagemac:' while for a pc it will be 'imagepc:' with the appropriate path to the server and image for the operating system. Therefore, if I upload an image using a PC FM client then it wont be visible to someone using a mac client.

What's the solution here? What am I doing wrongly?