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Container problem with Server 13

Question asked by glwagner on Jan 25, 2014


Container problem with Server 13

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     I have a solution where I need to store container pdf files on the server.  The problem I am having; on the local connection to the server I can add and view the pdf files, but on remote connection into the server I can add pdf files but I cannot view them.  I get the error “Webpage cannot be found” when viewing the pdf remotely.   But when I go to the local connection the pdf is viewable.

     Specifics;  I am storing the pdf externally (on the server) (I have tried to store them internally – same result), I have made sure each remote computer has pdf reader defaulted on IE and have adobe reader on each computer. 

     I am using FM Pro 13 advanced and Server 13

      I have run starter solution “Content Manager” on the remote computer (locally) and it works fine, but when I upload it to the server and try to access remotely I get the error described above.

     Any suggestions would be appreciated.

     ------------------ UPDATE -------------------

     My Problem was solved.  Port 80 on the firewall was not set properly.  It is working nowl