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Containerfields in IWP via Filemaker Server Advanced 9

Question asked by nicola on Sep 21, 2009
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Containerfields in IWP via Filemaker Server Advanced 9

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I have a filemaker-server advanced 9 and a Windows-network with several filemaker-pro clients. These clients link *.pdf, *.xls and *.doc-files into container-fields (and it is only the link not the whole file). The same database is accessible via IWP. My problem is here, that the links do not work.

I tried to find out what the problem is but I always read I am supposed to locate the files that are linked to the container into a web-folder in the filemaker-pro, but I cannot find where I have to put it when I host the database with filemaker-server.
I do not even have a folder called "web" in there....

If I put the files next to iwp_home.html is does not work although one should think this folder is accessible and the path should be the same like for the iwp_home.html.

Do I have to change settings on the filemaker-server?


Please help that would be greatly appreciated.