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    Containers and web viewers



      Containers and web viewers

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      I'm running Filemaker Server 10 wth some local and some remote clients. The remote clients use a mixure of the FM10 from home or FM GO on the road. My database contains details of properties and tenants.

      We keep images of both tenants and properties which are stored on a drive running on the same Mac as the FM Server. These are included as referenced files in containter fields which works perfectly in a local environment/on the same network but don't work at all remotely because the remote users don't have access to the local network (and don't eed to to use FM) therefore the image  paths become invalid.

      I want the server to reference theese images, not the clients and the container fields to display the images remotely too. How can I do this?

      A similar issue occurs with the web viewer if I want to display the contents of a networked folder.

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          Store by reference files must be placed in the correct folder on your server before they are accessible to web clients. See the web publishing PDF that comes with your software for specifics.

          It's my understanding, however, that FM GO clients cannot see store by reference images in container fields so you may have to not use this option if you want to make them accessible to FM GO users.

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            Thanks for your reply but I can't say I understand. Why would there be a correct folder? Perhaps my question was misleading.

            When I'm using the FM client locally, that is to say on the same network as the Filemaker Server, I can put a file in a designated folder and add a reference to that file in a container field. Usually I use a calculation for this.

            Locally, as you would expect, this works well. However, if I start up Filemaker at home I won't be able to see the image that I put in the container field as a reference. This appears to be because the reference is relative to my client and not relative to the Filemaker Server.

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              Apologies for misreading your original post. My brain turneed "web viewer" into "web browser". That response was specific to Instant Web Publishing.

              You are correct that you will not be able to see the images if the filepath stored in the container is not a valid path for the location from which you are accessing the database. Unless you store the files without store by reference, I think you'd need to use a web viewer, but specify a path to the image file that is valid for your user's frame of reference. I would think that this is possible as this can be a calculated expression, but haven't tried it myself so I could easily be wrong here.