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    Continual problems with  Scheduled server script



      Continual problems with  Scheduled server script

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      Problem with getting scheduled script execution on a  FM server 13.5.

      reinstalled server from scratch and STILL it will not allow a  FM script to be executed on a schedule.


      keeps saying :

      no script available for the specified account


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          bob smith:


          Thank you for the post.


          The two times we encountered this issue were for the following reasons:


          1. Unsaved account security changes. The File > Manage > Security window remained open. After closing the window, then a script could be scheduled. 

          2. The error was a false error. After getting the error and then clicking “Next” a second time allowed the script to be then scheduled. 


          Make sure all security windows are closed, and try to click “Next” again. Does this allow the schedule creation to proceed?



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            It is complete madness,  after using the account of the person who initially setup the database file,

            We were able to setup the script, after that we went back in and changed the  script executor to the one we wanted and it worked.

            It had nothing to do with unsaved security changes , since one user was setup .. 2 years ago & last week for the 'script executor'

            We also had endless stupidity with the  repeated scheduling, where if we tried to 'backset' the execution date, it was forced onto the following day. that's to say we wanted the script to start executing at 12:01am to 11:59pm , every 9 minutes , we attempted to set the script up at 8:30am on the 23rd of March.

            BUT it kept setting the first execution to 24 TH March, which meant it would not run for the whole of the first day.

            For an apple piece of software, it is absolutely abysmal, this is not the only time I have had masses of my time wasted.