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    Convert FP1 Database to FP12



      Convert FP1 Database to FP12

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           Hello all!

           We've been running our payroll datbases on an ancient Macintosh server running Mac OS 9 and FileMaker Server 3.0. However, after a few recent failures, I convinced the powers-that-be that it may be time to upgrade, so they purchsaed a copy of FileMaker Server 12, which I set up on a VM running Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter.

           However, the datbases are so old that I can't get them to open on the new server. I tried opening them in FileMaker Pro 12, but that said that they were created in FileMaker 1.0 and couldn't be opened. I'm not sure what version was used to created these datbases (or, for that matter, if they were created before or after I was born), but they were ran on a copy of FM Server 3.0, and we have copies of FileMaker Pro 4.0 for Windows and Mac OS, and 5.0 for Mac OS. Is there any way I can convert the databases using what I have to work with FPS 12?


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               Can you open them with FileMaker 4 or 5. I really doubt that the file was created in FMP 1 as it could not be hosted on the server versions that you mentioned in your post.

               I would guess that you have either filemaker 4, 5 or 5.5, but the following info should work for versions 4 through 6:

               First, you use FileMaker 11 to convert to .fp7 format, then you use Filemaker 12 to convert to .fmp12 format.

               Here's a download link for a 30 day free trial copy of Filemaker 11 you can use for the first step of the conversion:


               I also recommend that you read these two Knowledge Base articles on converting your files:

               Converting to .fp7 format: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

               Converting to .fmp12 format: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10571/kw/converting

               Be prepared to invest some time into testing and updating the converted files as there is a good chance that your converted files may not function perfectly. The KB articles cover many, but not all of the possible issues. Feel free to post back here with any issues you encounter that don't seem to have been covered by the KB articles.