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Copy fields to new file problem (as in new job from client file)

Question asked by yandg on Jul 21, 2010
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Copy fields to new file problem (as in new job from client file)

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I am stuck on what i thought i had already acheived. Where have i gone wrong?


Have 2 files - EG;              Client file    and    Service File.

I have a script fired from a 'New Job' Button in the client file.

I need to copy data from 5 fields in the client file to a new record in the service file, populate the 5 fields in the service file and be ready to enter further info as required for the Job.

The script stores the 5 fields into 5 variables then opens 'Service' file  and new record request.

Then fills the appropriate 5 fields from the 5 variables.

This seems to work but not correctly a new record seems to appear in the client file although the service file opens up with the data showing correctly.    The record cant be completed as it tells me this record is already open in another window.

I can see i have to set the cust_id (which is the link) first and then look at the related record but if i do this i can only use the 'New Job' button once as each subsequnet  time it looks at the original new record and doesnt add a new one.

I'm sure i did this originaly but something has gone wrong somewhere from trying in FM9 and now in FM11

Any pointers appreciated.