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    Copying Hosted Database



      Copying Hosted Database

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      I currently have a database hosted through FileMaker Server 14. We have a scheduled backup that takes place every night, but we want to be able to pull down a copy of it anytime possible. How can I do this? I tried closing the database, then pressing "Download Database" from the Admin Console. It appears to be loading, but the loading bar hasn't moved in 15 minutes. How else can I do this?


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          Patrick Barlow:


          Thank you for your post. 


          You are able to get a local version of the database by copying a backup from FileMaker Server/Data/Backups.


          You can also get a local version by following these steps:


          1. Navigate to the Activity Pane in the Admin Console

          2. Select the file you need

          3. Click the Folder Icon in the top right

          4. Select "Close"

          5. From the same menu, select "Download Database"


          If the download doesn't begin automatically, you do want to verify the Pop-Up Blocker is disabled for your Web Browser.


          I hope this information is of use.



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