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Create and Email pdf only resending first record's pdf

Question asked by LisaMabey on Mar 27, 2014
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Create and Email pdf only resending first record's pdf

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     I have created a basic script to email unique pdf's (quotes) to each individual customer.

     The script resends the same first pdf (from first record) to each client.  The loop correctly moves to each record and uniquely sends to each customer's email (and with unique subject), but sends the same first record's pdf.

     When I yank out the "send email" part of the script, it creates a unique and separate pdf correctly (I end up with many pdf's).

     When I yank out the "create pdf" part of the script, it correctly emails to each record (obviously without a pdf attached).

     When I combine back again, it goes back to just sending the first pdf from first record.  I tried inserting a pause after "save as pdf" but the pause doesn't happen.  As well, I am not sure that this is the issue, since it creates the necessary pdf's (when I don't ask it to email) instantaneously.


     Any help would be greatly appreciated.