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    Create appointment in Exchange calendar



      Create appointment in Exchange calendar

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      Does anybody know if there is a way (plug-in) to create an appointment via a FM Server script into an exchange calendar? We would like to use a timed (server side) script to periodically sync a calendar in our Filemake database to a dedicated calendar in Exchange.

      Ik know about Outlook Manipulator and Exchange Manipulator, but they both require FileMaker Pro, and don't support server side scripts. I really don't want to setup a seperate machine with FileMaker Pro just to synchronize a calender between FileMaker and Exchange.


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          FileMaker doesn't recommend this but...

          Depending on whether you have IWP and such or not, you may be able to set up a client based "robot file" on the server machine that opens the robot file in Filemaker Pro (not on server) and its script performs the script on the hosted file in a "client" context and then uses Quit application to shut down.

          I use such a server located file for some late nite (when no one is connected) maintenance on one of my files.

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            Thanks for your reply, but this seems a rather comlex solution to a simple problem.

            I've just found a (server side) plug-in called Zulu by a company named SeedCode. This plug-in is able to publish events to a CalDAV calendar. See http://www.seedcode.com/cp-app/ste_cat/zulu

            I know this (CalDav) is not compatible with Exchange or Outlook, but all we wanted to do is view appointments from FileMaker on an iPhone or iPad, and I assumed this would be done the easiest through MS Exchange.

            This plug-in (zulu)  seems to work perfect, and not only does it sync our FileMaker records to iCal and iPhone, but also the other way around, and even without the need of timed scripts.