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    Creating a new homepage



      Creating a new homepage

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      I created a new homepage called iwp_home.html and replaced the default iwp_home.html. When I go to open iwp through the web browser i get a cannot fine the page iwp_home.html. Why is the page not being fund?

      Also when I go to open the default iwp_home  via a html editor (FrontPage) it does not see the file. Is there a special way to edit the default iwp_home.html?


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          You wanna do something pretty ugly like this? No problem.

          ... always make a backup copy of the iwp_home.html to be able to be able to be able to restore to a working copy. Before you make the changes.

          ... make sure the file has read access for all

          ... your frontpage should see iwp_home.html when edited localy

          ... you cannot change everything in the iwp_home.html. when i made my changes, some changes gave me real strange results. Filemaker processes the iwp_home before submiting it to your browser, the databases must be filled in, some texts you can see are localized to the selected iwp speach setting. So be carefuly what you change and always make a backup before changing.

          greetings from germany