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    creating charts with fileMaker server 10 advanced



      creating charts with fileMaker server 10 advanced

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      I address myself with one requests to you.
      I am very interested in using FileMaker Server 10.

      One of the main tasks of my daily work is to prepare charts and reports. The fundamental data records are set in an FileMaker DB.

      Would it be possible to create a chart with Filmaker 10 standalone ? I would prefer a solution where I do not need to install any (free or non-free) plugin. I also would not like to use the web viewer.

      Is there any build-in functionality to handle this kind of work ?  I need a realy easy drag an drop solution. 
      Thank you !

      Philipp Bonin

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          Hi pb_KA,

          Thanks for posting.


          Creating charts is not an inherit feature of FileMaker; you would need to search for a third party plug-in or solution.  I did a quick google search for 'FileMaker chart' and came up with quite a few hits.  This may be beneficial for your search.


          Let me know if you have any further questions.



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            For me, the best solutions are with either plugins, the webviewer, html and flash. For instance, take a look at "Dynamic Charting" (which uses only a local html file) and the more powerfull "Web Viewer Charting Example" (local flash charting engine), both available at http://simoncpage.co.uk/blog/2008/08/15/filemaker-flash-chart-graph-web-viewer/.


            Still, it is possible to do some simple charts using only calculation fields. There is a simple description in the Knowledge Base, for a text calculation, but of course it is also possible to use calculated repeating container fields that use small images to "compose" bar charts for instance. With complex calculations, it is possible to do a lot with this technique, but you're still limited in the types and apppearance of charts that you can display. And if you use a large number of repetitions (to create a fine-grained scale) , perforrmance will suffer.



            Marc-André Paiement

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                 Another option that may work for you is to export your data into an excel spreadsheet. Then you can use Excel's charting tools to create your chart.