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Custom label sizes

Question asked by RobPomper on Jan 27, 2013
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Custom label sizes

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     Hi, I'm using ProAdvanced12.1 on a Mac running 10.8.2.


     I have about 85 pages of labels to run off, but I've come up with a bit of a problem.

     First, I'm using Avery 4013 labels.  Their physical dimensions are 12" tall page by 4.5" wide with 12 labels per page in a single column.

     Each label is 15/16 of an inch tall with a 1/16" gap in between. There is a 1/16" game at the top and bottom of each page.

     I'm printing on an OkiData ML390 dot matrix printer. 


     Simply put, this has be stymied.  When I used the wizard to set up the labels, it automatically assumed that I wanted only 11 labels per page, which is a bit confusing.  When I tried to print some off, just to check, it had indeed spaced the print out to fit an 11 label sheet ... and then did something that caught me off guard:  It printed 11 labels, then skipped 11 labels, then printed the last label.  


     So, I figured I'd do a custome label.  My problem is that if I set the label height at .994", it will print 12 labels on a page, but it looses around 5/32" per page ... which adds up to around 10" overall ... and lots of missed labels. 

     When I got up to 1" tall labels, it assums that I can only do 11 labels per page.


     Any ideas of how I can make it realize that 12 labels can fit on an Avery 4013 label, or how to tweak it so that it will fit? Is there a way to change the gutter size between labels that I'm missing?