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custom redirect for the webdirect home page

Question asked by darrenburgess on Jan 19, 2015


custom redirect for the webdirect home page

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I have a customer with a two machine deployment of FMS13.  They have a web direct solution and would like to see the following behavior:

  1. When they click the link (as in http://url-whatever/fmi/webd# to launch the solution, they are taken directly to the filemaker WD solution - specifically the login dialog.
  3. They will never see the list of files.
  5. When they log out of the solution, they are redirected to the login dialog.

This supposedly can be accomplished with a bit of customization on the home page for WD:

        <script type="text/javascript">
                 window.location.href = "";

The problem though is that when the user logs out they are taken to a blank screen. Two refreshes of the page and they will get the login dialog for the database again.

Does anyone know how to accomplish #3 above?