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Custom web publishing dev box, fmp advanced desktop?

Question asked by philmee95 on Jun 26, 2012
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Custom web publishing dev box, fmp advanced desktop?

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Does custom web publishing have to be run against the server? Can I host a file on my laptop and test custom web publishing on it. So far it looks like no, but I have regular filemaker Client installed. I can run the questionaires tutorial (converted file to 12) when the db is run on advanced server.

I would like to do a bunch of fiddling with php and not hit the production server. Can I buy a copy of Filemaker 12 advanced? Should I install our old copy of filemaker advanced server 11 on my laptop as the only alternative as installing server 12 on my laptop would probably cause the insdtaller to complain that there is already an instance running.

I am running win7 pro on i7 with 8 gigs of ram. I have iis and apache installed. PHP is installed via fastcgi on iis and cgi in apache. Running the Filemaker.php file on my laptop works against the server database only, and not one running on my laptop.